Pass the Pigs Original Edition

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Two plump, pink piggies in the palm of your hand. What are you going to do with them? Roll them, of course! How the little porkers land will determine if you are top hog! Will you be Pigging Out or Makin' Bacon? Only the pigs will tell! Pass the Pigs is a classic dice game that sees you roll the two plastic pigs like dice. Will you score big time with a Double Snouter, or lose all your points with a Pig Out? The pigs are specially designed to land in a number of different positions, for a perfect travel or party game that's addictive, fast-faced and fun for all the family. The game comes complete inside a sturdy carry case with a notepad, 2 pencils and instructions on how to play. Whether you're on holiday, at home, or travelling somewhere new, the game is easy to tidy away and store for next time.  You can take as many turns as you dare, but remember: the more throws you make, the more likely you are to land an unlucky position and go all the way back to zero! Try your luck with Pass the Pigs.