About Us

Hello, I'm Dave, the proud founder of TheCollectorSmith. Allow me to share a glimpse into the journey that brought this platform to life.

In the early 90s, like many enthusiasts, I was captivated by the world of sports cards. Basketball cards, non-sports cards – they held a special place in my heart. Life, with its demands of work and family, led me away from this beloved hobby for a while. However, the spark never truly faded.

It was a friend's collection Instagram page that rekindled the flame. I found myself reminiscing about the thrill of opening packs, the joy of set chasing, the camaraderie of trading with friends, and the excitement of new releases. But something had changed – the charm of visiting card shops and markets seemed to have faded away.

I decided to rejoin the hobby, not just for nostalgia but also to preserve a piece of history for my kids. The addiction returned swiftly, and I soon realized that the landscape of sports card collecting had transformed.

However, one concern lingered – the limited availability of Australian retailers providing reasonably priced products, especially for those outside metropolitan areas. The challenge of finding quality products outside the city was real.

To address this gap, I began trading and selling on eBay, participating in Facebook groups, and attending local markets. Eventually, I took the plunge into importing products from the US. The love for the hobby persisted, and facing the same challenges with local supply and pricing, I felt compelled to contribute to its growth.

TheCollectorSmith was born out of this passion and a desire to offer a diverse range of affordable products. My goal is not just to provide collectors with access to their favorite items but to help introduce our youth to the wonders of this hobby.

I invite you to reach out with any inquiries or simply to chat about the hobby we love. From one collector to another, I extend my warmest wishes for your endeavors in this fascinating world of collecting. Thank you for supporting TheCollectorSmith.