Booster Pack Top Loaders - 10pc Pack - Standard Size

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We've created a top loader made from PVC-Free museum-grade plastic to protect standard size booster packs! No more cases that cost more than the pack itself (in some instances) to protect your packs. These top loaders pair well with our matching size MintFit® sleeves – check them out here.

While they're perfect for any personal collection, they are also excellent for use in breaks; packs sold in livestreams can be stored in top loaders and packaged up with our tamper proof seals to give your viewers peace of mind – see our tamper seals here!


  • Fits standard-sized packs up to 200pt in thickness.
  • Ultra-clear rigid protection.
  • PVC-free museum-grade composition with removable protective film.
  • This product is suitable to store collectibles without a sleeve, however it is compatible with our booster pack sleeves.

These are perfect for general overall protection, and are priced competitively for the Australian market to make sure we are always getting the best!