Card Grading Services

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Thanks for your interest in using this grading service. The following information details the grading process for sending and returning submissions, as well as other important information. Please read this information fully to ensure you understand how this service works.


  1. Send cards to us in a sleeve and top loader or card saver, and in the order they are in your spreadsheet. 
  2. Please fill out the submission form found here and email a copy of the completed Excel or Word file to
  3. Select your service below, choose payment option (now or on return) add to cart and complete checkout process 
  4. TCG will grade the cards and return them directly back to us. 
  5. We will send you and invoice when the cards arrive back here and then post them to you once the invoice is paid.

Estimated Turnaround Times

The below are the current estimated turnaround times for each submission category from commencement of grading until grades are available to customers before they are shipped back to Australia. Please note that these do change regularly and are not guaranteed. These estimates exclude the time it takes to post to PSA and then be registered into the PSA online system. This can sometimes take several weeks depending on the demand at PSA.

  1. Bulk Submissions - ~ Approx. 33+ Business day turn around
  2. Booster Pack Graing - ~ Approx. 33+ Business day turn around
  3. Critical - ~ Approx. 15+ business day turn around
  4. Express - ~Approx. 10+ business day turn around

Grading Process

  1. You send your cards to the following address:

The CollectorSmith
Parcel Locker 10078 91967
39-41 Williamson St
Bendigo VIC 3550

If you wish to use a courier service such as Startrack Express, Couriers Please etc. or you wish to hand deliver (on arrangement) please use the following address:

The CollectorSmith
175 Sailors Gully Rd
Sailors Gully VIC 3556

Please Note: It is your responsibility to ensure they arrive safely. Therefore it is highly recommended that you post with signature on delivery and insure the cards if you feel the need.

  • Once they arrive, the cards will be photographed, logged into a consolidated submission spreadsheet with your name assigned to them, sorted into the appropriate submission groups and entered into the TCG submission portal. 
  • Once all cards have arrived, been sorted and entered into the TCG system the will be securely packed. They will then be sent to TCG via Australia Post/Sendle/Startrack
  • When grading is completed TCG will return the submissions to The CollectorSmith
  • Once each package arrives back they will be sorted, and invoices sent out to everyone. CARDS WILL NOT BE SHIPPED BACK UNTIL YOUR INVOICE HAS BEEN PAID. If you don’t pay within 14 business days, and other arrangements haven’t been made, we will consider starting cost recovery processes.