GARBAGE PAIL KIDS Weird Wendy Figure

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Introducing GPK Classics!  For all Garbage Pail Kids Enthusiasts!  The Loyal Subjects gets dirty with the Garbage Pail Kids, immortalizing them in hero form, standing 4” tall, including a hero’s base with the classic GPK name plates, a literal 3D manifestation of the classic cards.  Packaged in a colorful display box, and includes GPK collector cards ONLY offered with the GPK Classic items.  The first wave will include Joe Blow, including an official “Bazooka Joe” print on Joe’s chest, Weird Wendy – “By the pricking of my thumbs something wicked this way comes!” – double double toil and trouble, stirring her witches brew, conjuring up streams of spell casting green plumes, accompanied by a friendly frog (or a special ingredient?), Roy Bot, a Garbage Pail Kid turned into a world destroying robot, and Tee-Vee Stevie, a kid so entranced by television he turned into one!


  • The Loyal Subjects 3.8 Inch Figure on Base
  • Standing 3.8 inches tall, Roy Bot figure comes attached to a base so you can show off your figure on your desk or shelf!
  • Too hot to handle and too cold to hold, Weird Wendy comes attached to a base in fun, colourful packaging made to look like a 3D version of a GPK trading card!
  • Made with high quality ABS and PVC
  • It’s the GPK and TLS crossover you never knew you needed.
  • Great gift for fans of The Loyal Subjects and GPK!
  • Brought to you by The Loyal Subjects, makers of the 3” Action Vinyls and 5” BST AXN collectible figures